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INDJ-00185 Advent ( A Quarterly Devoted to the Expositions of Sri Aurobindo Vision of the Future )
INDJ-00307 Ayurveda and Yoga ( An International Journal of Life Sciences )
INDJ-05145 Indian Journal of Ancient Medicine and Yoga
INDJ-05117 International Journal of Yoga
INDJ-01380 International Yoga Guide
INDJ-01943 Journal of Research and Education in Indian Medicine ( An International Quarterly )
INDJ-01997 Journal of Yoga Institute
INDJ-03473 Light of Consciousness ( Chit-Jyoti : A Journal of Spiritual Awakening )
INDJ-02138 Medical and Nutritional Research Communications
INDJ-04079 Mystic India
INDJ-03482 Pratibuddha ( Published in HINDI from Jyoti Ashram )
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