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Journal Name

INDJ-00421 Gandhi Marg ( New )
INDJ-00420 Gandhi Marg ( Old )
INDJ-03373 Gandhi News ( Bulletin of Gandhi Museum )
INDJ-03372 Gandhi Vichar Gaveshana ( In Hindi )
INDJ-00422 Gandhi Vigyan ( Journal of Academy of Gandhian Studies )
INDJ-00419 Gandhian Perspectives ( An Interdisciplinary Journal of Social Sciences )
INDJ-03051 Gandhian's in Action ( International Quarterly Dedicated to Gandhian Thought, Action & Ecology )
INDJ-01768 Journal of Gandhian Studies
INDJ-03088 Journal of Peace and Gandhian Studies
INDJ-03246 Pakistan Survey ( A Bi-annual Bulletin of Gandhian Institute of Studies )
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