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Mahasenasiri : Riches of Indian Archaeological and Cultural Studies ( In 2 Vols. Set ) Reddy, P. Chenna 2006 8188934380
Brahma Sri Researches in Archaeology, History & Culture in the New Millennium ( Dr. P.V. Parabrahma Sastry Felicitation Volume ) Volume - II Reddy, P. Chenna (Ed.by) 2004 818893416X
Sri Puspanjali ( Recent Researches in Prehistory, protohistory, Art, Architecture, Numismatics, Iconography and Epigraphy ) Ramesh, K. V. & Others ( Ed. By ) 2004 81-8090-056-8
Pura Prakasa ( Recent Researches in Epigraphy, Numismatics, Manuscriptology, Persian Literature, Art, Architecture, Archaeology, History & Conservation ) Dr. Z.A. Desai Commemoration Volume ( 2 Vol. Set ) Sharma, A.K., Ilyas Quddusi, M., Yasin Quddusi, M. & Khwaja, G.S. 2003 81-8090-007-X (Set)
Symbols of Trade Roman and Pseudo-Roman Objects Found in India Suresh, S. 2003
The Bengal Sultanate : Politics, Economy and Coins (AD 1205-1576) Hussain, Syed Ejaz 2003
The Coinage of Native States of Central India Bhatt, S.K. (Ed.by) 2003
A Dictionary of Numismatic Names Frey, A.R. 2001 81-86050-81-7
Coins of Medieval India (from the Seventh Century down to the Muhammadan Conquests) Cunningham, Alexander 2001 81-215-0730-8
Monetary History of Mughal India as Reflected in Silver Coin Hoards Strnad, Jaroslav 2001 81-86622-42-X
Numismatic Studies (Vol.6) Kumar, Manmohan (Ed. by) 2001 81-86622-45-4
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